Saturday, April 20, 2013

Team A

In addition to our very scenic finale, Team B got a little revenge on us. Silly string and apple slices were rained down on our RV.

Team A

We are back up and at it. Heading to the starting point to meet up with Team C. This will be our last leg and take the team from 290 miles to 310.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Team B - Team A hand off # 4

So the hand off to team B was priceless. The whole team A lead a water ballon attack on the entire team B. Waymon and Lynn took the brunt of the attack unfortunately, but it was super fun.

Love our Team B! Good luck guys with the stretch from 275 to 300! the attack consumed all hands.

Team A - it's getting worse

I think every time one of our runners gets back in the RV, they want revenge on the next runner.

We really got Keavy, but she's still smiling.

Team A - Surprises never stop here

We actually managed to surprise Jessica because she was looking down.

Team A - a little more fun

Somewhere near mile 290, Butch and Shane snuck up on Kelly Cannon during her run and gave her a little surprise.

It quickly turned to the RV though. Great pics by Keavy.

Team A - Super team

We've been having a lot more fun on our 4th leg. Thanks to an energetic hand off from team C.

We are currently just out of Thomasville working on mile 280!

Team C - handing off to Team A

Kevin brought us the baton in style.

Team B - Running in the Rain

We were hoping the weather would clear up before our 3rd leg, but we were not so fortunate... So, after getting the RV stuck on the side of the road then having a state truck tow us back onto the road, we are finally running. Nothing like a soft shoulder and a heavy RV to creat issues.

Robby is out now pulling some hills on our way to Camden, AL. We have passed the halfway point and are getting closer to Dauphin Island!

Team B

Team A - end of leg #3

Well, we finished another 25 miles. 175 down, 175 miles to go.

We had a great time this morning, despite being rained on about 90% of the time. Great scenery and we had a hoot on the RV.

Now, it's on to breakfast. Good luck Team b and Team C.