Monday, May 3, 2010

One last belated blog from the A-Team: Some Closing Thoughts

Ok, who is even reading this still? Probably nobody, but I/we feel compelled to submit some parting words for this 2010 Run for the Reason.

Our last day (Saturday) was best described as fast and easy - a phrase we used frequently during our relay. We started running at around 430 am and each of us had relatively strong runs. Our enthusiasm for being done with the running portion and commencing the celebratory portion was not easily masked. We were delighted to only have to run 3.3 miles each, despite gale-force head-winds and excessively humid weather.

Overall lessons learned:
1. Duct tape really is a god-send.
2. While body glide seems good in theory, it is not always the best idea.

3.Sometimes being awesome can garner a negative response from your peers.

4. When the can is full, its full. Enough said.

5. Body odor can take many different forms and can travel in very unique ways.

6. Finally, really...YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS, ooooohhh oh oh oooohhhh oh oh.

One final thanks to our drivers for keeping it fresh; to the other teams for pounding the pavement; and to Kevin Manogue for all your work - we missed you man! Until twenty-eleven, we out!
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Team C - uphill! Or downhill?

Ahh! We can smell the cookout! Kevin finished his leg up hill! Jeff
started his uphill! Amazing! Almost there! On our last runner, we will
be there soon! Get ready!

Team B - Final comments

Guest blogger KK - Funny how the IT peron is the last one to have the courage to attempt the blog and I still needed assistance. We are arriving in sunny Dauphin Island, freshly showered and feeling just a little bad for Team C after seeing the monster that awaits them in the Dauphin Island brige. But we have faith in them - I swear, the John Roberts Peavy bridge was just as bad and without the scenery.

We are almost to the finish line, although right now I would say we are less than 100% certain how to get there, hope we don't miss the cookout. This has been an awesome few days - hard to explain how we can run for 1 hour and sit on our cans for 23 hours each day, yet be so exhausted, but it is all worth it. Big thanks to our drivers, who have the real stamina - they have to focus while we play, and I never heard one complaint - Rosa, Denise, Ben and Cherie, you all are the best! Thanks to all my teammates on Team B (the B is for BEST)- it has been a true pleasure to be stuck in a stinky RV with you for three days. You all are the greatest, can't wait for next year!

Team B - Topography Maps

Guest Blogger Nicole: Ok, I learned that bridges do not show up on topography maps. I want to send out a special thank you to my wonderful teammates Kathleen and Waymon who climbed Mt. Everest with me today in hurricane force winds. I could not have made it without them. Maybe a few sore muscles, a few blisters but a great experience.

Team B....We have come to the end of the road!

This is the guest blogger "T-Rock" giving the low-down for Team B.

We ran our last and final leg today. We were greeted by the A-Team this morning with a small oak tree attached to the baton. Thanks a lot guys we really appreciate it. I guess we have been too much cardio the past few days, and not enough weight lifting.

We had a rather uneventful run....except for the pit bull that decided to chase Kathleen. I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Brian, Nicole, Kathleen, and Lee for taking on all the bridges on our leg.

So we have another Run for the Reason in the books. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alabama Power, our sponsors, and all who donated (too many to type but it takes a lot of people and a lot of coordination to pull this event off). I would like to give a special shout out to all that participated in the event the runners and the drivers.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Kevin Manouge. Get well big guy! You are a rock and inspiration to all of us. We know you are here in spirit, and we would also like to say thanks for coordinating all this for us.

We are looking forward to doing this again next year. We would also like to remind everyone about cancer awareness and the reason we do this run. This is a labor of love for the American Cancer Society, and the race for the cure.

Team C - Good Morning from C

Well we are up! Round 5 (final round) Ding, Ding, Ding! Our last leg
starts in about 2 hours, we are about an hour away. Having breakfast
right now! The boys had a waffle house trip without all the girls when
we arrived at 5:30AM (thanks for the invite boys) we are now headed to
the RV. We will see how everyone holds up for the last leg, comming

Team B Midnight run though Jackson

Our starting point for this leg was outside a sheep farm. Yes, they were real sheep. As we waited for Team A, the owner of the sheep walked down the road to make sure we weren't stealing any of his sheep. Supposedly, there have been a rash of sheep stealers lately. Of course it was a Friday night and perhaps there were some special beverages consumed by the sheep owner that impaired his memory. After introductions to the sheep farmer were over, we gathered our "welcoming tools" for Team A. We took advantage of Team A's speedy guys vanity with a fake photo op and then blasted him with showers of silly string! Success!

Then we were off and running. Waymon led us off with another tough leg in the mountains of lower Alabama (seriously, you have to check the elevation). I think his entire run was uphill. Holly was second and got the benefit of the downhills that Waymon had conquered. She was very thankful to Waymon! A big shoutout to Jackson, Alabama. They were rocking on a Friday nigt. Jennifer took the baton next and was rewarded some hills (she has somehow avoided them throughout the whole relay :-)). Meanwhile while Jennifer was knocking down those hills, we had Master DJ Bryan cranking out music on request. We would no sooner name a song and "voila" or "walla" in LA terms, than DJ Bryan would have it pulled up on Itunes and we would be singing. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen was especially moving. Kathleen ran next and had a fairly uneventful leg, but was very speedy this night. Nicole picked up the baton next and started running strong. She was asked along the way if we were making a movie! Forrest Gump II maybe? After a great run, I picked up the baton and had an uneventful run too (thankfully no police this time!) The moon followed us down the road and kept me company! Bryan picked up the final leg and turned in one of his best run times on the relay! A smooth and timely handoff to Team C and we were off to the LaQuinta in Satsuma, AL. We were very warmly welcomed and it was an awesome hotel! Off to sleepy land for a few hours sleep to be ready for our last run in just a little while!

Team C - lights out!

Well yes we had no sun light from midnight to our hand off at 4:20 AM
to team A. But we are all getting our last power nap in before the
final leg! Ahhhh! So excited! Mobile Bay get ready, you are our finish
line and we are beyond pumped. Bitter-sweet finish ahead:
- to be finished and let our legs rest for a few days=sweet
-but memory-making/good-times coming to a close=bitter

We have a few more memories to make in this last leg, I looking
forward to those most! Can't wait for some AWESOME food at the finish
line! I'm drooling right now. Check back in a few hours for last leg
updates... It's goin' be GOOD!

Team C - 1:30 AM - Sat

Well we are in action, Christina is out on the road right now. (see
picture) Keeping her pace and looking strong. Making our way
South=Some Humid weather. But everyone is holding their own. We've
pretty much the highway to ourselves. Nothing's sweeter then taking in
this expierence of a lifetime! Thanks to all involved for making it