Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reason to Believe

Run across Alabama raises funds to fight cancer for 10th year

Runners and Drivers at the Finish Line. Dauphin Island, AL

"All of us in one way or another have been impacted by cancer,” said Market Specialist Bryan Coley. Coley was among more than 30 employees taking part in the annual Run for the Reason April 26-28, beginning on the eastern border of Alabama and ending 350 miles south at Dauphin Island.

Plant Miller Electrical & Instrumentation Journeyman Rosa Boston lost her brother-in-law to cancer in 2009. “I donate to the American Cancer Society and volunteer my time in his memory,” she said. “During the event, it touched me deeply when I would look over and see someone watching us saying ‘Thank you so much.’ It just made me want to do even more to help.”

It is that type of determination and dedication that made the 2012 Run for the Reason another success with more than $30,000 added to the more than $200,000 the event has raised in the past 10 years. “Run for the Reason is a perfect opportunity to showcase what it means to be an employee of Alabama Power Company,” said Distribution Engineer Trey Hayes. “If someone wants to get a grasp of the vastness of our service territory, I challenge them to run across it. Likewise, if someone wants to see our influence on life in the state of Alabama, I challenge them to run across it and count the number of homes, businesses and communities that we impact every second of every day. Using that influence to help win the war that the American Cancer Society fights every second of every day is a wonderful thing.”

“I like to focus on the good that the donations do for cancer patients and survivors,” said Run for the Reason organizer Kevin Manogue, whose grandparents are cancer survivors. “Research to find prevention and cures is extremely important but that work often seems distant to donors. Knowing that the money raised by this event goes to help cancer patients in our own state who are coping with the reality of fighting cancer daily is rewarding.”

Manogue, an engineer at Gorgas Steam Plant, has participated in run for eight years. This year, three teams ran in 4-mile segments during 12-hour shifts. In addition to runners, each team included four drivers. “While we become tired and weary from a few days of running, we realize this is nothing in comparison to battling cancer,” said Coley. “We are glad to do what we can as we remember friends and family who have been impacted by this disease.”

Participants in this year’s event included:
Matthew Abbott
Shane Bailey
Holley Caldwell
Jonathon Carroll
Kevin Chappell
Bryan Coley
Nicole Faulk
Butch Guimond
Trey Hayes
Ashley Kent
Steve Mothershed
Michelle Mozena
Terry Mozena
Waymon Tullis
Robby Wentz
Kevin E. Williams
Melissa Williamson
Drew Ayers
Rosa Boston
Ben Creel
Ramsey Glenn
Denise Harris
Cherie Hill
Kerry Jones
Delacio Spencer
Bob Spotswood
Sandy Walker
Palmer Gatlin
Lee Hagler IV
Chesley Hughes
Kevin Manogue
Christina Nix
Stacy Simmons
Tim Townes

By Theresa Helms

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Team A: Breakfast Burrito Angels

Thank you Stacy and Amanda from Plant Barry's APSO chapter for the awesome breakfast!!! We ate all of their breakfast burritos and had a lot of laughs! Great hospitality!!! Sorry you had to get up so early on a Saturday, but we are very thankful!