Sunday, April 29, 2012

Team A: Amanda and Stacy

Our Breakfast Burrito Angels from Plant Barry's APSO chapter!!!! We couldn't have done it without you!  BTW... We have you signed up as drivers for next years Run!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Team B: Special Thanks!

A special thanks goes out to our drivers: Ben, Cherie, Rosa, and Denise. We may have run 20+ miles each in the last few days, but they had the hard job. From the time each run starts to it's finish, they are keenly concentrated on our safety and well being. Without their support, we could not have done this. Sitting, driving, and concentrating intently on our running for four to five hours is a difficult job. We want to recognize their hard work and give them credit for what they do.

Thank you Ben, Cherie, Rosa, and Denise. You rock,

Team B

Team A: The Awesome Team!!!

$35K raised so far. If you are following us and want to help us reach our $45K goal.

Team A: Finish Line

Team C Arrives with an escort from the Dauphin Island Fire and Rescue!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!! Go team. Congratulation to all of our team mates! We did it! 360 miles, baby!

Team A: Where's Team C?

Party at the finish line. Waiting on Team C at the Dauphin Island Fort Gaines. Great burgers provided by the Mobile APSO chapter!!! Yum!!! Thank you so much!!! The terrific hospitality on Dauphin island equals the fabulous weather!!!

Team B: Finish Line

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors. To the APSO chapters that volunteered their time and efforts to help us get to the end, we say a special thanks. Thank you to the Mobile volunteers for setting up the finish line cookout.

After a long two and a half days of running, we are glad to be done and going home. The runners are tired and the drivers are too. All in all, it is all worth it to help the American Cancer Society.


Team B: "Bo Knows"

This is the guest blogger T-Rock posting for the "B"est Team. We are having a good run thru Mobile this morning. I must admit I expended a little extra energy water fighting with the A team. Thanks guys I felt that around mile 2 of my run.

Just wanted to take a second to say thanks to all of our sponsors. I also wanted to take time to give a special shout out to Kevin "K-Fed" Manogue and a special thanks to all others that helped organize this event.

Last but not least I want all of you to know that you have been in the presence of a celebrity this weekend. Waymon "Bo Jackson" Tullis has graced you with his presence. I think a few people have confused this event with the "Bo Bikes Alabama" fund raiser taking place this weekend. Given mine and Bo's similar athletic skills..... I see how some one could confuse me for him. So if any one wants an autograph at the picnic find me and I will be glad to oblige. You can also get your picture made with Bo.

Team A: Beach Bound...

It's with great sadness that we pass the baton to Team B for the final time. We hate to miss out on running in the heat of the day through downtown Mobile, but somebody has to make it to Dauphin Island in time to catch a few rays!

We want to thank our family and friends who supported us and sponsored the Run for the Reason. We all have been touched by your encouragement and generosity.

Team A: A Beautiful Day!

Despite the lovely gift passed to us by Team C this morning before 6am :(, we are having a great day! The beautiful city of Mobile and our finish line are both in sight! Holley is bringing it home for us!

Team B: Breakfast at Barry

Thank you to Plant Barry's APSO chapter for a much needed breakfast this morning before our final leg. We are sore and tired but also excited to be finishing soon. We are somewhat surprised at how quickly this event has concluded. It seems like just a few hours ago we started and now we are about to finish.

As our time draws to a close we also want to remember those we are running to support. While we are tired and weary from a few days of running, we realize this is nothing in comparison to battling cancer. We are glad to do what we can as we remember friends and family who have been impacted by this disease.


Team C: Update

Good morning! While most people are cozied up, snug in their beds, we are barreling down the roads of McIntosh, AL. The cooler temperatures and flat terrain are a welcomed relief from the hot sun and hills from yesterday. Our drivers are working hard to keep us safe and entertained. DJ Delacio is keeping the beats coming in the RV, while stand up comedian Ramsey is keeping the runners in the lead car in stitches. We are sleep deprived and delirious, but we remain injury free, and for that we are thankful! We are already looking forward to checking into our hotel after passing off the baton to the team of tricksters, Team A. While we don't question their total commitment or superior performance, we certainly don't trust them. Watch out, Team A!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Team A: Our fearless leader

Learning Tips from Tim!

Team A: Hills, hills, and more hills - REALLY!

Night has fallen on Team A. We're staying strong! We'll have run 100 miles by morning!

Team C: Like a Flash

And like a flash, we finished up our 3rd leg!

Team C: Ready to Run

Good afternoon from Team C! We are almost halfway through our 3rd leg and feeling great! Here is a picture of half our team, ready to run!

Team B: I like your shoes...

I like your shoes...

My momma said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes: who they are, where they been, where they go... You know if I think about it real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes....

60% done Team B!! Our theme song is "Against the Wind" by Bob Seger. We decided if Forrest Gump could run to that song, we can too.

Our event is coming to a close rather quickly, but we're having a good time. We're off to our standard Friday lunch location in Thomasville before showering and getting a nice nap. We have two runs left and these should be easier. We are beginning to feel the soreness and stiffness set-in, but it's all for a good cause!


Team C: No Rest for the Weary

Good morning from Team C! We had a fantastic 2nd leg last night and were thrilled to pull in to one of our sponsor hotels in Selma. We anxiously waited for team captain Kevin to return from the front desk with our keys. Unfortunately, the hotel didn't have us checking in until 3pm Friday afternoon. Dejected and tired, we piled back on the RV for a night of rest. Ashley refused to share any of her 3 blankets, leaving the others freezing.

One might wonder, after a night of running and no hotel room to check into, how did team C shower? There was a nice public shower in the hotel pool area, and we took turns getting cleaned up. It's hard to describe the conditions, but let it be known that if nothing else, Team C is resilient.

Despite the conditions, morale is high and we are all ready to start leg #3!

Team A: Lunch at 10:30am?

Our little family enjoying a country lunch at Maness' Diner. This is what happens when you start running at 5:30am!

75 miles down for Team A!!! Whew-Hoo!!!

Team B: A Little Extra Motivation...

After our midnight run yesterday, we are battling sleep depravation and muscle soreness, but we know we're only getting started. We took the baton from Team A and affectionately soaked them with water guns as we start down the road again. We needed a little motivation to get started this morning; so our creative driver Ben came up with a great way to motivate team captain Waymon.

Today we are running through the town of Camden, AL. There are some nice hills here in south central Alabama, but the scenery is beautiful. Looking forward to getting through our third run and being over half-way done.

Until then,


A Team: 12 miles down!

Tough for even the youngest. Wake up co-op Jonathan!

Team A: Status Update

Where to even begin... We got to the hotel after leg 2 last night at 11:00 pm, and met back at the RV this morning at 4:00am. Needless to say, the 50 minute drive to our next transition point was full of riveting conversation aka. snoring. This morning's run has brought a lot of smiles though due to finally having less hills.

A few lessons learned from last night's run...

First of all, Super Butch is the fastest man in the world and obviously has super powers. Teammates should never try to run up to the lead vehicle when in the RV behind Butch. Personal experience shows you only appear to be the crazy lady chasing an unachievable target.

Secondly, and most importantly, never jump from a moving RV, but if you think you must, Michelle will be teaching a new safety class on proper fall out form. She has perfected the art of gracefully falling out the door, and eloquently rolling across the shoulder of the road.

Thirdly, apparently falling out of a RV door motivates great running. It is tried and proven to improve your pace a full minute and a half. For more details, see Michelle.

Lastly, do not do your pre-running stretching next to the fire extinguisher. No worries everyone, RV A's fire extinguisher is in great working condition...clean up on aisle 2!

See you next leg!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why We Run

Franklin Carroll, passed away from leukemia on April 18, 2012.

Team A: Leg 2

First of all I want to start by saying, if you aren't enjoying the great outdoors this Spring, get out there. The whole state of Alabama spells like a big bottle of honeysuckle lotion from Bath and Body Works.

On a more serious note, our team would like to share just one of the many reasons why we participate in this event. During fundraising one our runners, Michelle, asked McAbee Construction to sponsor the event. They immediately responded committing to be a silver sponsor which is $1000!!! A couple of weeks later one of their very own employees died from cancer. This employee was an avid runner and outdoorsman. At this point Michelle asked if she could run in honor if this employee to share his story. His name is Warren Brown. His wife and two sons have also been supportive of Michelle sharing Warren's story and supporting the relay.

One thing Amanda, Warren's wife, told Michelle that inspired us all with his fight was the quote below

"We have both been runners since we were in high school, and ran many races together over the years - although he was always way, way ahead of me! Until he was just too sick to do it anymore, he continued to run, then run/walk, and then walk in the morning."

Team A loves this fighter's spirit!

Although we know everyone has been impacted this terrible disease, this is just another reminder of why we have to all work together to fight against this disease and find a cure.

Run for the Reason

Run for your life!

Team C: First run complete!

Good afternoon! Team C's 1st run is complete! Ashley Kent took the baton from Team B in Talladega, before passing off to Steve Mothershed. After running up some hills and straight into the wind, Steve passed off to Shane Bailey. Shane kept a (slow but) steady pace through the 3rd leg and one of the Kevin's took the baton. Kevin Chappell showed off by skipping and throwing his phone in the air, eventually ending up doubled over on the side of the highway. Janie Mothershed relieved him, and she looked strong through the 5th leg. Our fearless leader, the other Kevin (Williams) braved 280 traffic to finish up Team C's first run. The 2 most important members of our team, Delacio Spencer and Ramsey Glenn, are doing an excellent job getting us to where we need to be safely. We are relaxing in the RV now, anxious to get to Clanton to take showers. Special thanks to the Talladega police for escorting us through town, and to Key West Inn in Clanton for discounted rooms tonight. Next up- running from Maplesville to Selma starting at 1:30 am! Pictures to come!

Team B: First Run

Team B "the Best team" is done with the first run. Everyone is ready for lunch, but overall, we had a good run. Looking forward to some short rest and relaxation just before we start up again.

The wind and the heat are a bit intense today, but combined they cancel each other out.

First out today was our team captain Waymon. Hills have an affinity for Waymon, but today they were kind to him. Nicole was batting second and took us through the traffic infested city of Oxford. Littered with red lights and unhappy drivers, Nicole did well despite the obstacles. Nicole also was able to recruit a local runner to join her for a few miles.

In the third spot today was Matt. Matt is new to Team B, but not new to running. He busted out some quick miles. I (Bryan) was batting clean-up right as we got into the midday heat. After battling a few long hills in Munford, I turned it over to Melissa. Melissa pulled us through the middle of nowhere through blazing heat. Robby was our anchor today, and he did a stand-up job of pulling us through to the end. He even ran a few extra tenths of a mile to take us to the handoff with Team C.

Now we're off to the Key West Inn in Childrrsburg for a short nap before running again.

Until then,


Team A: Great Hospitality, Great Sponsors!

We appreciate the hospitality, sponsorship and especially the chocolate covered strawberries!!! What a great way to end our 1st leg! 25 miles down for Team A.

Team A: Thank You Southwire!


Team A: Running Hertz

Although normally we run power plants, today we are running miles. Beginning at 6:00 am this morning the beautiful Cheaha State Park welcomed us with open arms and rolling hills and the fun began. Team A was super pumped to kick off the event. We had a great night's rest thanks to the Marriott Courtyard and Fairfield Inn's generosity in Oxford, AL. Now I'll introduce you to the team.

First of all there is Captain Trey. Trey is from Montgomery, and participating in the event for the third year. Trey's goal is to make it through his legs with out puking like other years.

Next is Super Butch, Mr. "I just ran a marathon, but don't expect too much from me". Super Butch is representing the dirty South from Mobile, AL, and this is his first year in the event.

Then we have Lt. Col. Terry, and yes he expects us to salute him. Terry is 5'8, sandy brown hair, and loves long walks on the beach. Terry resides in Helena, AL, and is also a first timer.

Lucky for the team Terry also brought his better half, "doesn't look a day over 20" Michelle. Michelle is a vital team member, because there is no one else that can keep Terry in line. She is participating for the first time as well.

Next is Coop John who although is for Georgia Tech still seems to fit in okay. John has already been named the girl of the group due to his lack of punctuality. He works at Plant Gorgas, and an event first timer.

Now the most important members of the team are our drivers, Kerry, Sandy, and Drew. These guys have to watch us run, be supportive, while silently thinking "could I walk faster than they are running right now?"

Finally there is me, the chatterbox. I am Holley, and this is my fourth year to do the event. My role on the the team is to research the elevation changes of our leg of the run, and make sure I get the least hilly route.

We are currently midway thru the our first run, and we brought our "A" game. Good luck other teams, you'll need it.

Team B: Starting up!!

Getting started this morning bright and early! We left Inverness at 6:15am headed to Southwire in Heflin, AL. They always do a stand-up job of providing breakfast before we run. Spending time in the RV getting to know new group members and getting reacquainted with past members. Good times!

More to come,


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Team A: Headed out to Anniston!

Thank you 2012 Sponsors!!

2012 Sponsors


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Southwire            Gorgas APSO

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